A-4 Preliminary screening results now available

Results of the preliminary screening for 2016 JSPS Fellowship became available on October 16th, 2015.
To view your results, access the JSPS electronic application system using the ID and password that you used to submit your application. Candidates are classified into three groups: pre-selected candidates, interview candidates, and rejected candidates.
Pre-selected candidates are exempt from the interview requirement.
[Note: Starting in 2015, all screening results are posted electronically ONLY. No paper-based results will be issued.]

If you have lost your ID or password, please contact us promptly at the email address below with your full name (please also provide it in katakana) and qualification status (DC1, DC2 or PD):
j-fellow<at>titech.ac.jp (replace '<at>' with '@')

If you are selected as an interview candidate, please follow the instructions provided on the system to accept or decline the interview.
Normally, interviews are conducted in early December and their results become available by early January.
We will also send you an email before the interview.
Please read it carefully as it will contain important information concerning the interview.