A-3 Fellowship Categories 'DC' and 'PD'

Attention ! About submission

・If you submit your documents by May 13th, we will review your documents and notify you of any corrections.
 It cannot be submitted unless the teacher's evaluation form has been created.
 After checking the paperwork, we will send it back to you if there are any corrections.
 Even if there are no corrections, we will send it back to you upon request.

・If you submit your application after May 13th, we cannot guarantee that any administrative checks will be carried out.
 We submit to JSPS as is without checking

・Applications submitted after May 27th cannot be submitted to JSPS.

Attention ! About Grant-in-Aid for JSPS Fellows(科研費 特別研究員奨励費)

 ・Please apply for Grant-in-Aid for JSPS Fellows
   You can apply only at the time of application. If you do not apply, you will not be allocated research funds as JSPS researcher.

 ・If you are a DC2 applicant, please apply for the  Grant-in-Aid in FY2026 as well.
  If you obtain a degree during the period, you will be able to change your qualification to PD and 
  continue your research as a JSPS researcher. 
  Even if you decline the Fellowship due to employment, you may continue to use the fund, subject to certain conditions.

Application procedure

1. Submit a request form for an ID and password for the JSPS Electronic Application System (CLOSED) 


2. Receive your ID and password

It takes about 2 business days

3. Download "Application Information" (申請内容ファイル), "Application Guidelines" (募集要項), and "Application Form Instructions" (作成要領) from the website for the JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientists (DC or PD).

Website for the JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientists (DC or PD)

4. Prepare application form (you can enter your information into the JSPS Electronic Application System)

(a) Applicant Information (must be entered into the JSPS Electronic Application System)
     Applicant information includes academic background and research theme.

(b) Details of Application Information (download this file to your computer, complete the document, and upload the file to the System) download
     Details include research history, current status of research, and research plan.
     Application forms will be printed in gray and sent to Committee members.
     Please print your application and check the clarity of the printed text.

(c)Enter Your Envisaged Budget for Grant-in-Aid for JSPS Fellows
Enter the application information for Grant-in-Aid for JSPS Fellows.

(d) Evaluation Letter
     ・When an applicant clicks on "評価書作成依頼" (Request for evaluation letter),
      evaluator's ID, password, and login page URL are automatically sent to the evaluator.
      The evaluator logs into the JSPS Electronic Application System with that ID and
      password and enters information for the evaluation letter.

     ・The applicant cannot view the contents of the evaluation letter.
     ・When the evaluator completes and sends the evaluation letter by clicking on "送信" (send),
      a notice will be sent to the applicant.

For details of operating procedures for the JSPS Electronic Application System, visit the following web page.

<電子申請システムのご案内> https://www-shinsei.jsps.go.jp/topyousei/top_ken.html
<申請書作成要領> PD DC

Materials for creating an application form (JSPS)New   

5. Send (submit) application form

Click on "確認完了・送信" (Confirm/Send) to submit the application to the Research Fund Promotion Group.
The Group will check the application form for missing information.    

Internal deadline: May 13th (Monday)
We will check the document and contact you to make corrections if there are any deficiencies.

Final deadline: May 27th (Monday)
No submissions to JSPS will be accepted after this date.There will be no administrative checks.

  • If an application needs to be corrected, we will change the status of the Electronic Application System to allow the applicant to make corrections.         
    We will notify the applicant of the need for correction by sending an email to the account registered by the applicant on the System.         
    We cannot send applications to JSPS unless the applicant resubmits a corrected version to the System.
    Please make sure to resubmit the application by the deadline stated in the email requesting you to make corrections.  
  • We may contact you for corrections or confirmation of your application. Please check your email account registered on the Electronic Application System on a regular basis.