A-3 Fellowship Categories 'DC' and 'PD'

Application information for the FY2020 JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientists (for doctoral course students (DC) or postdoctoral fellows (PD)) is as follows.
Please check the following changes in application procedures before applying.


Changes from previous years:
・Starting from FY2016, applications may only be submitted via the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Electronic Application System. Printed application forms are no longer accepted. Similarly, for evaluation letters, evaluators (host researchers) must log into the JSPS Electronic Application System and fill in the evaluation section on the System.

・In addition, starting from FY2018, only those who have obtained a doctoral degree in the five years prior to April 1, 2019 are eligible to apply for the PD category. For more information, visit the JSPS website: "Major changes to the FY2018 application procedures (only in Japanese)."

Application procedure

1. Submit a request form (Excel sheet linked to the following URL) for an ID and password for the JSPS Electronic Application System

IDs and passwords issued for previous applications will not be accepted. Please request a new ID and password.
Note: The institution at which an applicant will conduct research as a JSPS Fellow will issue the ID and password.
Those applying for the DC1 category must apply from the institution at which they enrolled for their master's degree program.
Therefore, students enrolled in the Master's Degree Program at Tokyo Tech must apply from Tokyo Tech even if they are going to enroll in doctoral degree programs at other universities.
If you are an international student,it's necessary to submit a both side copies (file) of the residence card by e-mail.

2. Receive your ID and password

Usually we issue IDs and passwords on Fridays to those who submit request forms on or before the previous day.
However, during the second week of May, the deadline is Friday, May 17.
Therefore, IDs and passwords will be issued on that day (or the next) to those who submit request forms by the 7th.

3. Download "Application Information" (申請内容ファイル), "Application Guidelines" (募集要項), and "Application Form Instructions" (作成要領) from the website for the JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientists (DC or PD).

Website for the JSPS Research Fellowship for Young Scientists (DC or PD)

4. Prepare application form (you can enter your information into the JSPS Electronic Application System)

(a) Applicant Information (must be entered into the JSPS Electronic Application System)
     Applicant information includes academic background and research theme.

(b) Details of Application Information (download this file to your computer, complete the document, and upload the file to the System)
     Details include research history, current status of research, and research plan.
     Application forms will be printed in gray and sent to Committee members.
     Please print your application and check the clarity of the printed text.

(c) Evaluation Letter
     ・When an applicant clicks on "評価書作成依頼" (Request for evaluation letter),
      evaluator's ID, password, and login page URL are automatically sent to the evaluator.
      The evaluator logs into the JSPS Electronic Application System with that ID and
      password and enters information for the evaluation letter.

     ・The applicant cannot view the contents of the evaluation letter.
     ・When the evaluator completes and sends the evaluation letter by clicking on "送信" (send),
      a notice will be sent to the applicant.

For details of operating procedures for the JSPS Electronic Application System, visit the following web page.

<電子申請システムのご案内> https://www-shinsei.jsps.go.jp/topyousei/top_ken.html
<申請書作成要領(PD、DC)> https://www.jsps.go.jp/j-pd/pd_sin.html

※Reference for application(only in Japanese)
  DC Web system DC Word form  ※I will prepare it, so please wait.
  PD Web system PD Word form ※I will prepare it, so please wait.  

5. Send (submit) application form
The internal deadline is Monday, May 24, 2021. After that day, the System will become temporarily unavailable for creating or making changes to application forms.

Click on "確認完了・送信" (Confirm/Send) to submit the application to the Research Fund Promotion Group.
The Group will check the application form for missing information.         

  • If there is no need for corrections, we will notify the applicant by email saying, "correction not needed."
  • If an application needs to be corrected, we will change the status of the Electronic Application System to allow the applicant to make corrections.         
    We will notify the applicant of the need for correction by sending an email to the account registered by the applicant on the System.         
    We cannot send applications to JSPS unless the applicant resubmits a corrected version to the System.
    Please make sure to resubmit the application by the deadline stated in the email requesting you to make corrections.         
    The Research Fund Promotion Group will confirm the revised application and send the applicant an email saying, "correction not needed."

  • Note:
  • Contact the Research Fund Promotion Group if you do not receive a response from us, including whether corrections to your application form are required, by Monday, May 31.
  • Also, contact the Research Fund Promotion Group each time you wish to make corrections to your application following submission.

  • We may contact you for corrections or confirmation of your application. Please check your email account registered on the Electronic Application System on a regular basis.