B-1 Information for pre-selected candidates

The 1st screening results for JSPS Fellowships were announced onOctober 16, 2015.

1. Participation in the training is mandatory for all individuals applying for KAKENHI.

To apply for KAKENHI (Grant-in-aid for JSPS Fellows), you must first participate in the faculty and administrative staff training on the prevention of research misconduct and misuse of research funds.

2. The procedure is necessary on employing the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science research fellow

1. Register your address and the transfer bank with contact information on a web of the electronic application system "researcher training business" (kenkyuusya yousei zigyou).

★When you lose a login ID and a password on the electronic application system, please contact Research Promotion Group immediately. j-fellow[at]jim.titech.ac.jp*
*[at]replace to @

2. Submit the prescribed documents indicating your acceptance on two separate dates, March and April.

A. "採用時特別研究員受入承諾書 (採用2)" (Available in Japanese only)
This form requires the signature of the president and will be collected by the Research Promotion Group before they are submitted to JSPS. Please complete the form and submit it to the Research Promotion Group by Tuesday, March 1, 2016 by campus mail, by post, or in person.

B. "Checklist 1"
For item 1, please check the box for "I have been informed that '採用時特別研究員受入承諾書(採用2)' will be submitted through my affiliated institution." Please send all other forms listed on Checklist 1 directly to JSPS by Monday March 7th , 2016.

Note: If there is any change in your affiliation, host researcher, etc., please contact the Research Promotion Group.

Please submit "採用時特別研究員受入承諾書" (採用2) to:

  • By campus mail: Research Promotion Group, Research Planning Division(Mail box E3-10)
  • By post: Research Promotion Group, Research Planning Division
    Tokyo Institute of Technology 2-12-1 Ookayama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 152-8550
*The form must be completed in full with the seal of your host researcher. Submission deadline: Must be received by Tuesday, March 1, 2016 Forms can be downloaded from: http://www.jsps.go.jp/j-pd/pd_tebiki/yoshiki.html