B-4 Preparing and submitting research proposals

JSPS announced the 2015 call for applications for KAKENHI on January 20, 2015.
(Those who were selected as 2015 JSPS fellows are eligible to apply.)

There are restrictions to the use of KAKENHI.
Please read the application guidelines carefully and discuss your research plan thoroughly with your host researcher before making your application.

If you decide to apply for KAKENHI, please submit your research proposal by the deadline specified below.
Details regarding the submission of research proposal will be provided at the briefing session for new JSPS fellows scheduled on February 12 and 13, 2015.

How to submission

The research proposal will be submitted in electric application system for KAKENHI.

We will notify ID and Password for electric application system for KAKENHI by email early February.

Note: There is only 1week from a start to deadline for Tokyo Tech.
Please prepare for the research proposal beforehand.
(In Japanese)

Submission procedure for Tokyo Tech

  • early February: We will notify ID and Password for electric application system for KAKENHI by email.
  • 10th February: You may start the making of the research proposal on a system.
  • 17th February: You have to submit the research proposal on a system (deadline for Tokyo Tech).

Note: All KAKENHI applications are first collected by the Research Promotion Group before being submitted to JSPS. Please strictly observe the submission deadline above.

Note: Those who have been moved off the waiting list and formally accepted as candidates will be informed of the deadline separately.